Current Investments

We invest in the next generation of breakthrough energy technologies by identifying and living the patterns that make for successful investments.

Fund VII Investments

IOTA Software Inc.


IOTA Software is a leading provider of data visualization that connects people, assets, and manufacturing processes. The company’s scalable platform provides easy access to critical process data, insight for performance optimization, and decision support. It serves as the central hub to drive daily and long-term outcomes. Its situational awareness capabilities appeal to a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, energy, chemicals, utilities, and green energy.

Fund VI Investments



ResFrac has built the first 3D, cloud-based, fully-integrated fracture / reservoir simulator sold to oil and gas operators as a SaaS solution. Fracture simulation is used to predict fracture geometry and proppant placement from fluid injection, while reservoir simulation is used to describe multiphase flow and long-term fluid production.



Seeq offers advanced data analytics software for process industries that enables better decisions across the enterprise. Key features include self-serve, easy-to-use data trending and visualization tools, automated data cleansing, and the ability to quickly create and manipulate time-series data objects, all while capturing and sharing valuable subject-matter-expert knowledge.

FlexGen Power Systems


FlexGen is an integrated energy storage technology platform company. Through its proprietary software and high-efficiency power electronics, FlexGen’s Energy Storage Systems (ESS’s) enable the economic integration (hybridization) of energy storage with power generation assets.

Infrastructure Networks


Infrastructure Networks is a developer of proprietary 4G LTE wireless networks that enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for machine-to-machine communications in critical infrastructure industries such as oil and gas exploration and production.