Our Partners

We have a unique advantage — a formal relationship with a select group of the U.S. super independents, representing nearly $225 billion in combined market capitalization. They invest in us so that we can invest in you.

Our industry partners are investors in our fund, and they also serve as large customers for our portfolio companies. Our handpicked partners sit at the forefront of technology identification and are leading the charge in terms of deployment. They keenly understand the role of technology in cutting costs, increasing production, and streamlining the supply chain.

These partnerships, together with our extensive network of long-established industry relationships, give Altira the distinct advantage of being able to:

  • Deliver a large embedded customer base along with our investment.
  • Accelerate adoption and growth of compelling solutions.
  • Compress commercialization life cycles.
  • Define problems and imperatives that turn into investable themes.
  • Validate markets and field-test products and services.

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