FlexGen launches EV charging solution with integrated energy management, battery storage

Energy Storage News

FlexGen Power Systems has launched an electric vehicle charging solution combining its energy management system (EMS) platform and battery energy storage. 

The North Carolina-based energy storage system integrator firm yesterday (16 February) announced the launch of Plug & Play FlexGen Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Services. 

It utilises its HybridOS 9.3 EMS platform and a containerised energy storage system (ESS) to optimise energy consumption for the charging network operator, and the platform integrates with on-site energy resources. 

Benefits includes reducing peak demand to avoid charge rates from utilities by optimising usage. It also allows the user to by participate in regional power markets to get the best value for their energy. 

Flexgen also claims to have expanded the EMS’ microgrid capabilities to allow it to continue supplying charging power regardless of what is happening on the power grid, like an outage, for example.